viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Have you ever wanted to be as thin as a model or as strong as your favorite football player? Maybe you'd be a little higher or have a different type. These thoughts are a natural part of growing up and maturing.

But learning what you can and can not change your body and your physical appearance is part of the process of growing up. It may not be easy, even for older kids and adults, but when a person accepts your body and your physical appearance, chances are you feel happier.

There are no magic solutions
If you like to change your appearance, you may want to talk to your mom, your dad or a trusted adult about what's bothering you. Some children are frustrated because they are not growing or developing as fast as her friends. This stage of life can be confusing for some people. It is important to know that puberty does not happen to everyone at the same time.

And there are no magic potions or special exercises that can speed up the process. Although a child lift weights every day, you can not develop the muscles of an older child or an adult man. And a girl you can not develop breasts until it reaches puberty.

If you are concerned about your weight, it is possible that your father or your mother want to take you to the doctor. Maybe this tells you that your weight is appropriate. But, if you think you might have a healthier weight, probably will make some recommendations, such as eating more balanced and exercise more.

Eating right and exercising
Eating healthy foods and being physically active can help any child to feel better about their body. Why? Because a healthy diet will help you feel full of energy and our body to function at 100%.

Television and computer games can be fun, but do not help much to have a healthy body because it stays still. Such activities are called sedentary because they sit while.

However, when you move your body be playing, dancing, playing sports, or even cleaning your room, exercise your muscles. When you exercise a muscle, it gets stronger. And when a person has strong muscles, you can do a lot of things, from carrying a heavy backpack to run with the ball into the soccer goal and score!

Children (and adults!) Allow your body more when they feel strong and know they can do whatever they want. So you know, practice hiking, jumping rope (rope), cycling, nothing a pair of long pool, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or even dancing, and enjoy all you can do your body!

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